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Case Studies

Prototyping Takes a Giant (Smooth) Leap Forward

Conventional wisdom runs that there are two basic paths in prototyping die/mold work--EDM or machining. EDM is fine; a tad slow, and the finished part may require an additional operation or two. Overall though, not much new. The same thing can be said about machining (not much new) - with one significant exception; a new high-speed, very precise VMC that employs constant velocity (CV) instead of brute horsepower and variable speeds/feeds due to the disruptive accel/decel tied to the laborious processing rates of complex programs. CV is a paradigm shift in chip removal theory, a "revolutionary" leap forward.... Read More

Make, rather than buy

The task for matec and its Sales Manager, Stefan von Damarus, lay in producing a production system in keeping with the times, which would occupy a specific floor area the same size as its predecessor, and in adapting certain items of equipment made by designated manufacturers and specified by the client for use with the machine, such as a chip extractor system, cooling lubricant tank and treatment station, and air filters..... Read More

Without a safety net

...with a stout heart and plenty of common sense, 28-year old Hendrik Hilbring succeeded in establishing his one- man business in the job-order sector within the space of four years. Instead of working his way up gradually with small investments and, in turn, little risk, he jumped straight in at the deep end. He needed a matec 30HV in order to succeed in the niche market he discovered, i.e. a demand for the complete, five-axis machining of workpieces measuring up to 4000x1000x1100 mm to high standards of quality. And succeed he did..... Read More

A Farrewell to Autos
Miceli Constant Velocity Cutting, Low-Cost Retrofit Helps Mold Shop Startup Fidelity Succeed in Calgary

The centerpiece of the Fidelity decision was a state-of-the-art MTI constant velocity controller (CVC) retrofitted to a 10-year old Fadal vertical machining center (VMC). Almost immediately the co-owners of Fidelity, Jeff Litster and Ryan Arsenau, got the benefits they wanted in productivity, and more. In just a few hours after powering up, everything was running flawlessly. Litster and Arsenau were naturally skeptical, but soon found that the CVC learning curve was half of what other controllers had required in the past...... Read More

Visions from a Casting

An international casting center is coming into being in Ortrand. Under the maxim "Adding value is the future" it is collaborating with technological associates such as Matec to upgrade castings for individual customers and to increase earning... Read More

MTI Control Retrofit Increases Productivity By 300%

Prospect Mold, equipped with state of the art machinery and coupled with a very talented group of employees, intends on remaining a world class leader in their industry. The companies goals of meeting and exceeding their customers expectations is the backbone of their success... Read More

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