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As a supplier of machine tool technology, we have quickly built a reputation in the medical industry through our Revolution product line. The Revolution's MTI controller employs a high speed, multiprocessor capable of simultaneously controlling eight-axes at 50,000 blocks/sec. This processing capacity allows the Revolution Machining Center to achieve constant machining velocity and thus allows GBI Cincinnati to guarantee up to a 50% reduction in cycle time in a 3D application. Whether you are machining knees, hips, shoulders or patient matched implants, the Revolution is the machine for you.

Revolution is available in 3, 4 and 5 Axes configurations.

(X, Y & Z Axis)
Spindle Taper
Vertical Machining Centers
Revolution CV-4020
40" x 20.5" x 20"
3, 4 or 5
CAT 40 or HSK 63A
up to 24,000
Travelling Column Maching Centers:
matec 30 HVK
up to 59"
CAT 40 or HSK 63A
up to 42,000

Case Study
Prototyping Takes a Giant (Smooth) Leap Forward
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