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The MTI Control Can Also Be Retrofitted
to Your Existing Machines

Get results comparable to a new Revolution CV4020

The MTI Control can be retrofit to your existing machines to dramatically increase their output. A GBI trained technician will come to your facility to do the retrofit installation, ensuring that your machine will achieve the promised results. There are currently over 100 retrofitted MTI Controls in the field.

You can expect significant machining improvements that include:

  • Cycle time reductions from 50% - 300%
  • Smoother movement resulting in less wear and tear, better finishes, longer cutter life and faster cycle times
  • An increase in efficiency due to the ability to run CAM/Software directly on the controller terminal
  • A quicker learning curve and more user-friendly environment

Prospect Mold

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Prospect Mold produces compression and injection molds of the highest quality. Prospect retrofitted an MTI Control to their 23-year old 5-axis machining center to become competitive in the aerospace tooling market. Here are the results:

  • Roughing productivity increased 300%
  • 23-year old machine running as smooth and fast as new machine
  • Were very skeptical of GBI claims of "doubling feed rate", but the rate actually tripled
  • Easiest control to run–their operators love it
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