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GBI's Open-Architecture Control

Triggers a Revolution in Manufacturing

GBI's new MTI Control not only reduces cycle time over 50% and improves quality, but seamlessly integrates with your reporting systems, generating real-time data that will improve your overall manufacturing efficiency. The MTI open-architecture control uses PC Windows-based operating platforms that offer greatly enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Production Monitoring, by viewing the current machine status and equipment trends to make quicker, better decisions
  • Traceability, by capturing an audit trail to document quality and satisfy reporting requirements
  • Alert notification warns designated personnel of machine faults or conditions that require immediate attention
  • Connectivity that allows you to seamlessly integrate a machine into your IT infrastructure, enabling lean manufacturing
With all the new capabilities that the MTI Control provides, you can truly revolutionize your manufacturing floor. The control processes information at a minimum speed of 50,000 blocks per second compared to the typical 600-3,000 blocks per second of controls currently on the market. This improved processing speed results in constant velocity machining that yields fast, consistent machine rates and cycle reductions of at least 50% on 3-D contoured parts. When you combine that with the real-time reporting capability, you have everything you need to drastically improve your machining quality and efficiency.

The Mercedes Test

GBI conducted the industry-standard Mercedes Test using a complex 3-D part programmed at a 45-degree angle to raise the complexity. The Revolution, equipped with the MTI control, cut in excess of 200 ipm with Constant Velocity consistently beating any control in the market place by a minimum of two to one.

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